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Arenaseats is a seating system made unique by its design. Arenaseats can hold up to 1000 people. The whole consctuction can be assembled or disassembled within one day which makes huge savings on your venue hire costs. Arenaseats are extremely versatile; it can be build in an indefinite number of configurations. Arenaseats can be build on a flat level floor using its unique frame system. The construction can have up to 19 rows of seats. Higher number of rows can be achieved with using scaffolding. With scaffolding you can also build Arenaseats on a floor with uneven levels. The rise between two rows of seats is 254mm; the angle between the floor and the seats is 19,81°. The minimum number of Arenaseats rows is 4; every other module consists of 3 rows, i.e. Arenaseats can be built in 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, rows.

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